Renewal Story: Arthur

Posted: May 28, 2024

After years of drinking, Arthur’s life was at a standstill. Unemployed, broke and homeless, he had lost everything he held dear. However, as a father of eight and grandfather to 12 children, the biggest loss was the respect of his family.

Determined to regain his family’s trust, Arthur sought help at Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County. “I went in with an open mind. I took a big leap of faith,” he says. “I knew I was going to lose a bunch of friends, because I couldn’t be a part of that lifestyle anymore. I had to surround myself with winners, people who are trying to make their lives better.”

Since coming to UGM-TC, Arthur has definitely joined that group of winners. After a year in the program, he graduated. He also earned his OSHA Forklift Certification through our training program.

“I got my whole life ahead of me now,” Arthur says proudly. “I feel good.” Not only does Arthur now have a solid job, a car and a place to live, he says, “I got new-found respect from my family. They’ve seen what I’m doing and they’re happy for me. They are my motivation.”

But, to Arthur, the biggest blessing was not in his own life, but his daughter’s when she joined him at UGM-TC. “She saw what I was doing here and wanted to follow the path I’d chosen. She wanted her life to be better. And she brought my grandbaby with her.”

Arthur is not only moving forward, he is “going full speed ahead. I didn’t think I could do it, but I’ve accomplished so much. I praise UGM-TC. I’m so glad I came here and am thankful for the people I’ve met.”

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