Skill Building Program

UGM-TC Skills building programsThe skill-building program focuses on improving resident’s personal and social behaviors to increase their chances of keeping meaningful relationships and meaningful employment. The program is designed to build character by teaching and modeling responsible and dependable behaviors and values to increase self-confidence, build self-esteem, create healthy relationships and improve social skills.

Homeless people report that they feel alone in the world because they do not have supportive relationships with family or friends. Studies have demonstrated that having a network of supportive relationships contributes to physiological well-being. Residents begin to build a social network through the programs offered at UGM-TC. By residents participating in numerous classes and trainings such as life skills, anger management and domestic violence education, residents begin to regain a sense of self-worth and redevelop their social skills.

Spiritual Development

UGM-TC Spritutal DevelopmentSpiritual development is a key component in changing the lives of the homeless. Active participation in a community of faith can give individuals a sense of connection and belonging. UGM-TC offers daily worship services and a comprehensive religious education program.

Because UGM-TC was organized in 1888 as a mission to preach the Gospel to those in need, there is a rich Spiritual Development effort for transformation into a Christ-like life for residents and guests. UGM-TC believes that homelessness has a solution, which is a closer relationship with God, who is mighty to change the human heart.

The daily chapel services offer a true sanctuary in the peaceful Deborah Hall Chapel for residents and guests from the street. Thursdays at the Mission are planned as Spiritual Development days for residents. This comes from ALPHA USA curriculum. ALPHA allows residents to experience a loving God by coming into a relationship with Jesus Christ. Since its’ beginning in 2006, ALPHA has helped transform lives. The curriculum incorporates praise and worship, video teachings and small groups where residents can discuss their thoughts more intimately with staff and trained ALPHA leaders.

Children’s Enrichment

 In the time that children live at UGM-TC, the Children’s Enrichment Program gives them the basic skills and tools they need to do well in school and move forward in their lives. Year round, the program provides a safe, consistent and fun place to learn.

Homeless children enter school and society with the deck stacked against them. Low self-image and lack of social skills contribute to ongoing difficulties in the classroom with peers. Chaotic or non-existing homes, lack of discipline and a spotty attendance also create barriers to children’s learning. Research shows that a child falls behind in school by six months every time they move. Because of this, most of the children at UGM-TC are two to three years behind their grade level when they first arrive.

Once children are accommodated at UGM-TC, they are enrolled into the Children’s Enrichment Program. Each child is required to attend tutoring Monday through Thursday for two hours each evening. This program focuses on finding and establishing the child’s strengths and weaknesses. Once observed, a personal plan of action will be developed to overcome the child’s educational obstacles.

Healing Shepherd Clinic

Healing Shepherd ClinicThe Healing Shepherd Clinic provides primary and preventative care to the residents of UGM-TC. The homeless are exposed to harsh weather, malnutrition, diseases, and lack of sanitation. Many are unaware that they have chronic health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, or mental illness. Often, their only option for medical care is to go to the emergency room, even for something as simply treated as an infection. Patients at the clinic can be treated for the many common illnesses and conditions that are prevalent in the homeless population including heart, liver and kidney diseases; skin infections; chronic pulmonary disease; diabetes and hypertension.

Volunteer physicians donate their time each week to treat patients with the assistance of the full-time nurse practitioner and volunteer RNs and Medical Assistants. Together, they care for the mental, physical, and spiritual well-being of our residents and guests. Please visit the HSC-TC website for more information.

Healing Shepherd Clinic is a separate 501(c)(3) non-profit operating on the UGM-TC campus.

The Warehouse

UGM-TC The WarehouseThe Warehouse serves as the donation center for UGM-TC. The warehouse serves individuals that are currently homeless by providing them with clothing and toiletries. Once a resident successfully completes the program, UGM-TC does its best to provide the essentials they need to live independently. With the referral from a partner agency, individuals currently getting out of homelessness or poverty can utilize the warehouse for items such as furniture and appliances. All of this is made possible thanks to donations from community supporters.

To contact the Warehouse, please call 817.284.3255.