Honor and Memorial Gifts

Ms. Flo Lowrey in honor of Frank Reeves

William and Karen Sublett Mitchell Charitable Trust in honor of Doug Renfro

Mr. Ronald K. Goff in honor of Jesus Christ

Ms. Elizabeth Smith in honor of Jim Bergstrom

Ms. Elaine L. Thomas in honor of John R. Thomas

Mr. Steven C. Tallman in honor of The Lord Jesus Christ

Ms. Rosalee P Fleming in memory of Betty Humphries

Ms. Julia Smith in memory of Brian Smith

Mr. Carl Gill in memory of Carl Gill

Mr. John Christie in memory of Carol & Dennis Christie

Mrs. Kim Cooke in memory of Charlene Montee

Ms. Angela Johnson in memory of Donya' Smith

Ms. Eleanor D. Powell in memory of Dorothy Watson

Mr. Carl W. Pennington in memory of Gary L. Freer

Ms. Dene E. Armstrong in memory of George and Lyvonne Hanebrink

Ms. Esther Lou in memory of Grace Lin

Mrs. Betty Tillman in memory of J. Franklin Reeves Jr.

Mr. Michael J Strong in memory of Jim and Betty Strong

Mr. Christopher J. Holland in memory of Kathy Holland

Mr. David Milam in memory of Kirby Middleton

Mr. James B Oliver in memory of Kyle Roberts

Ms. Sheila K. Bellingar in memory of L.M. Sherwin

Mr. Landon Ware in memory of L.V. "Pops" Ware

Mrs. Louise Hall in memory of Lois Ann Collins

Mr. Gary E. Griffin in memory of Margaret Ruth Philpott

Mr. David L. Sanchez in memory of Mary Sanchez

Mrs. Catherine C. Fryer in memory of Mike Cope

Ms. Susan Gilbert in memory of Mr. & Mrs. Y. D. Gilbert

Mr. Calvin Johnson in memory of Nathan Johnson

Mrs. Rachelle Rabe in memory of Paul Rabe

Mr. Carter Hampton in memory of Randy West

Ms. Annette Hampton in memory of Randy West

Mrs. Nellie M. Abram in memory of Rev. George Abram Sr.

Mr. Pat C. Hawkins in memory of Robert C. Grable

Mrs. Linda Raymon in memory of Robert L. Raymon

Mrs. Marie Shurden in memory of Robert Valer

Mr. Roy J. Cooper in memory of Roy Earl Ray

Mr. Leon Williams Jr. in memory of The Williams Family

Mr. Warren M. Lynn in memory of Vito & Florence Tassone

Mr. Larry Lippincott in memory of Wafe Roberts

Mr. Hector Baltierra in memory of Wanda Gail Baltierra

Ms. Kristy Wims in memory of William Burkeholder

Dr. Chip Brown Jr. in memory of Dick Sensat

Dr. Chip Brown Jr. in memory of Mr. Lee Clay