Honor and Memorial Gifts

Mr. Stephen M McDonald in honor of Chuck Combs

Mr. Douglas Spruill in honor of Ezekiel Stagner

Mr. Victor Varis in honor of Gabco Products

Mr. Victor Varis in honor of Debbie Blackwell

Mrs. Christi Neill in honor of Greg Neill

Mrs. Susan K. Fertitta in honor of Jeanne Spain

Ms. Ann Duval in honor of Robert Duval

Mr. Leon Williams Jr. in memory of Brenda / Leon

Mr. Chad Stephens in memory of Cass Edwards

Corregidor LLC in memory of Cass Overton Edwards III

Ms. Melissa Cammack in memory of Charlie Shelton

Mr. Terry A. Whalen in memory of Connie S. Whalen

Mr. Harold Smith in memory of Craig Foster

Mr. Jim Porter in memory of Glenn M. Porter

Mr. Richard Yard Jr. in memory of Gloria Coffan

Mrs. Patricia Lira in memory of Ingrid Lira

Mr. Ronald W. Kerwin in memory of Jeff Lane

Mr. Aly Shawky in memory of Marlyn Shawky

Mr. Don Peebles in memory of Martha Kaempt

Mr. Harry Moreland Jr. in memory of Norma King

Ms. Ollie O. Cobham in memory of Pa Hmos Jeboda

Mr. Paul F. Herring in memory of Rachel Brown

Mrs. Barbara J. Walker in memory of Richard Walker

Mr. Bob McCoy in memory of Robert and Helen McCoy

Mr. Tom E. Bullard in memory of Robert Collins

Mr. Raymond D. Franco in memory of Rosalva R. Franco

Ms. Stacey Welch in memory of Sherry Ward

Mrs. Barbara McCoy in memory of Suzanne Lee Keen

Ms. Sheila D Richards in memory of Terry Palmer

Mr. Warren M. Lynn in memory of Vito and Florence Tassone

Dr. Chip Brown Jr. in memory of Winston Payne

Dr. Chip Brown Jr. in memory of Dr. Richard Gasser

Dr. Chip Brown Jr. in memory of Mrs. Ginger Gearheart

Ms. Jacqueline M. Koch in memory of Steven Koch