Honor and Memorial Gifts

Mrs. Vivian Ferguson in honor of Robert Ferguson

Mrs. Lizzie Welborn in honor of Amy Lively

Ms. Janet L. Page in honor of Ashley

Mrs. Nicole Brown in honor of Brittany and Eric Schimmels

Mr. Christian D. Tucker in honor of Brittany Schimmels

Ms. Wendy Mann in honor of Carol Darwin

Mrs. Martha Williams in honor of Carol McInnes

Mrs. Anne S. Paup in honor of Cindy Hawkins

Mrs. Anne Ferguson in honor of Cindy Hawkins

Mr. Grady Shropshire in honor of Debby Brown

Mrs. Kathy Womack in honor of Debby Brown

Mr. Karl A. Komatsu in honor of Debby Brown

Mrs. Susie Durand in honor of Debby Brown

Mrs. Eileen Stancukas in honor of Debby Brown

Mrs. Ann M. Greenhill in honor of Debby Brown

Mr. William Byrd in honor of Debby Brown

Mr. Terrance M. Wright in honor of Debby Brown

Mrs. Diane Mayfield in honor of Debby Brown

Ms. Bobbie McCurdy in honor of Debby Brown & Elizabeth Batton

Mrs. Barbara McCoy in honor of Dr. and Mrs. John Stella

Mrs. Kim Ellis in honor of Emily Radler

Rev. Stuart B. Smith in honor of Father Andy

Mr. Victor Varis in honor of GABco Products

Mr. Richard A. Johnson in honor of Gay Lanson & Master Gardeners

Ms. Barbara Coffey in honor of Janice Wueste

Mrs. Christina Warden IV in honor of Janna Poland

Mr. CB Rust in honor of Janna Poland

Mr. Booby Lowe in honor of Janna Poland

Mr. Alphonso Martinez in honor of Jesus Christ

Mrs. Darlene Householder in honor of Joan Bailey

Mrs. Barbara A. Wiegand in honor of Kara Bell

Ms. Shirley Turner in honor of Kathy Amparan

Ms. Alyssa Jurek in honor of Kelly Benzon

Mr. David Milam in honor of Kirby Middleton

Ms. Kristen Dickhart in honor of Kirby Middleton

Ms. Candace Balch in honor of Krista Manning

Mrs. Rachel Gralapp in honor of Lina Taylor

Mrs. Kim Cooke in honor of Marty Grable

Ms. Patricia Wright in honor of Marty Grable

Mrs. Jill Calder in honor of Morganna Harwood

Mr. David Osborne in honor of Our children

Mrs. Shelley Juliao in honor of Our Friends, Lidia and Kyle Braden

Ms. Mary Kathryn Anderson in honor of Paulette Crumley

Mr. Ray Buckner in honor of Ray Buckner

Mrs. Susan Boysen in honor of Sheryl & Gus Bates

Mr. David D. Roberts in honor of Tamara Reese

Mrs. Traci Jenkins in honor of Those Who Work Tirelessly For Those Who’ve Lost Their Way

Ms. Sara Camp in honor of Winston Camp

Ms. Sara Camp in honor of Zoe Camp

Mr. Jerry S. Daniel in memory of Ann Magaffin

Mrs. Judy Mayo in memory of B.J. Lewis

Mr. Kerry Gregg in memory of Betty Isaacs

Mr. Jon M. O'Harra in memory of Betty M. O'Harra

Ms. Jennifer Stocks in memory of Chloe Ann Stocks

Mr. Vic F Autrey Jr in memory of Chris J. McCandless

Mr. Gary S. Lawrence in memory of Christie Guion

Ms. Judy Hightower in memory of Clint Thomas Allen

Mr. Terry A. Whalen in memory of Connie S. Whalen

Mr. Terry Truong in memory of Connor McCarthy

Mr. William G. Hanshaw in memory of Dale & Katherine Hanshaw

Mrs. Bettie Parker in memory of David Van Parker

Mr. Jimmy Brown in memory of Diane Shirley Brown

Ms. Patricia L. Lipper in memory of Don Lipper

Ms. Denise B Zink in memory of Edman Zink

Mr. Richard Morales in memory of Esther

Mr. Chad Stephens in memory of Guy Roberts

The Arthur J. Gallagher Foundation in memory of Hayden Reed

Ms. Gayla Hart in memory of J.B. "Benny" Barrow

Ms. Barbara Short in memory of Jack Short

Lynn Miles in memory of James F. Miles

Mrs. Vunita E Waller in memory of Janice Smart

Mr. William Johnson in memory of Janice Smart

Mr. Stan Simpson in memory of Janice Smart

First Baptist Church Of Conroe in memory of Janice Smart

Mr. Richard E. Giles in memory of Jim & Fran Arndell

Mr. Michael J Strong in memory of Jim and Betty Strong

Ms. Barbara Jill Holloman in memory of Jimmy Aplin

Mrs. June McAdams in memory of John McAdams

Henegan Partners LLC in memory of Joy Sweeney

Ms. Corrine Anderson in memory of Ken Anderson

Mr. Robert M. Knipp in memory of Marcella & Charles, Caldwell

Ms. Georgina Voros in memory of Maria Toth

Mr. Warren M. Lynn in memory of Max & Delores Garcia

Mrs. Catherine C. Fryer in memory of Mike Cope

Ms. Frances Jones in memory of Monthra Richardson

Ms. Beverly King in memory of Mr. J.D. Richardson

Mr. Richard Valenta in memory of Neal Valenta

Mr. Paul F. Herring in memory of Rachel Brown

Dr. Alan H Wooten in memory of Rae Ellen Wooten

Mrs. Belinda Franklin in memory of Rhonda Franklin

Mr. Bob McCoy in memory of Robert & Helen McCoy

Mr. Jonathan B. Deweese in memory of Ronald Dale Brown

Mr. Matt Wilkins in memory of Ronald Dale Brown

Mr. Byron Lee Hancock in memory of Rose Aline Kennedy

Mr. Michael Dan Reese in memory of Rozalea Wade

Mr. Charles S. Mayo in memory of Scott T. Mayo

Mrs. Carol A Anderson in memory of Sharolyn Kay Richardson

Ms. Sarah Hardy in memory of Sherry Rimer

Ms. L. Darlene Pruitt in memory of Stephen Thompson

Mr. Brett Zimmerman in memory of Sterling Zimmerman

Mrs. Sky Ferguson in memory of Sue Rector

Mrs. Catherine Aguilar in memory of The Aguilar Family

Mrs. Saundra D. Williams in memory of Walter Williams

Mr. Hector Baltierra in memory of Wanda Gail Baltierra

Mrs. Carol P. Spurlock in memory of Joy Sweeney

Mrs. Carol P. Spurlock in memory of Julie Murphy