Family Admission Requirements:

  • Female, 18 years of age or older, with children. Women with boys over 17, will be referred to other services.
  • Male 18 years of age or older, with children. Men with girls over 17 will be referred to other services.
  • Be capable of independent living throughout their stay
  • Complete an admission application, including a complete and factual disclosure of mental and physical history. Failure to disclose this information will cause the application for admission to be denied.
  • Have or obtain a legal state picture identification and a Social Security card.
  • Provide a copy of an Award Letter and/or proof of income.
  • Provide a list of prescription medications to the facility Manager. This list should be updated any time a new prescription is given after becoming a resident
  • Receive treatment for any communicable disease or condition (such as lice) which pertains to the applicant, before being introduced into the communal environment.
  • Have a current TB card issued by a local shelter or obtain a TB test at the next testing date.Staff will notify residents of TB testing dates, times and locations.

To learn about our intake procedures & fees, please call: 817.339.2553

The first step of entering our program is attending orientation, which occurs Monday-Friday at 9:30 a.m. at the Cox building, located at 1321 E Lancaster Ave. Upon entering the program, a professional social worker conducts a face-to-face comprehensive assessment with each client. Together, they identify the client’s strengths and challenges while establishing a trusting and empowering relationship. This is done through a case management plan designed to address the physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs for each client.