• Can I complete my court appointed community service hours at UGM-TC?

    No, unfortunately, we no longer fulfill court appointed hours. We recommend contacting the Volunteer Center of North Texas at (817) 927-7172 to find an organization that will.

  • Can I volunteer for more than one opportunity?

    Sure, we want you to be able to volunteer in whatever opportunity you're interested in.

  • Can my minor volunteer by themselves?

    No, we require that all minors under 18 years old be accompanied by an adult during their volunteer time.

  • Do I have to attend a volunteer orientation?

    Yes, we require that all adults 18 and older attend before you can be scheduled to volunteer.

  • Do I need a background check to be conducted for every opportunity?

    No, we only conduct background checks if you're interested in working with our children directly.

  • How old do you have to be to volunteer?

    We have a minimum age requirement of 12 years and older.

  • If I’m interested in volunteering with a group, do we all have to attend an orientation?

    No, we require that one representative from the group attend and relay the information to the rest of the group before volunteering.

  • Is there a limit to how many times I volunteer?

    Yes, we ask that you limit your volunteer time to at least once a week so that we are able to accommodate other volunteers.

  • What is covered at the volunteer orientation?

    We review important policies and procedures of volunteering as well as take you on a brief tour of our facility so you will be familiar when you return to volunteer.

  • When are volunteer orientations offered?

    We offer three orientations each month. There is always one on a Tuesday at 6pm, Saturday at 10am and Friday at 10am. To get this months orientation dates, please call the Volunteer Office at 817-338-8402 or visit our online calendar of events.

  • Why are the weekends so difficult to sign up for?

    With the combination of weekends being popular for those that work and go to school during the week and there not being as many volunteer opportunities available, the weekends usually fill up quickly.