Our Leadership

Don Shisler President/CEO
Father Andy Powell Chaplain
Keith A. Ackerman Chief Operating Officer
Ben Escobal Men’s Building Program Director
Aretha McJimson Women and Families Program Director
Robert Clethen Food Services Director
Lezlee Kinney Volunteer Coordinator
Beverly Lewis Accounting Manager
Jacky Harvey Director of Warehouse Operations
Jordan Wright Development Director
L.C. Dailey Manager of Mission Support Services
Juyun Lee HSC Nurse Practitioner

Board of Directors

UGM-TC Board of Directors
  • Chairman: Charlie Allen, Christ Chapel Bible Church
  • Vice Chairman: Mary Jane Edwards, Christ Redeemer Anglican Church
  • Treasurer: Eddie Broussard, Waremark Community Church
  • Secretary: Columba J. Reid, St. Maria Goretti Catholic Church
  • President & CEO: Don Shisler, Saint Mark's Episcopal Church
  • Chaplain: Fr. Andrew Powell, Saint Timothy's Episcopal Church
  • Bill E. Bailey, Christ Chapel Bible Church
  • Carl R. Brumley, Christ Chapel Bible Church
  • Larry Chilton, Christ Chapel Bible Church
  • Ronald Clinkscale, First Presbyterian Church
  • Larry D. Eason, First United Methodist Church
  • Gene Gray, Christ Chapel Bible Church
  • Crawford Gupton, Christ Chapel Bible Church
  • Pat Hawkins, Doxology Bible Church
  • Barcus Hunter, Christ Church Anglican
  • Robert J. Keffler, Christ Chapel Bible Church
  • Otis Lemley, Without Walls Church
  • John Mitchell, Watermark Community Church
  • Terry Montesi, Christ Chapel Bible Church
  • Peter Philpott, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
  • Caroline Stephens Samis, Christ Chapel Bible Church
  • JD Stotts, White’s Chapel Methodist Church
  • Allison Wagner, Christ Chapel Bible Church
  • W. David White, Christ Chapel Bible Church
  • J.W. Wilson, St. Stephen Presbyterian Church
  • Robbie Zimmerman, Trinity Presbyterian