Renewal Story: Timothy

Posted: October 13, 2023

Before he came to UGM-TC and our Healing Shepherd Clinic, it had been “years and years” since he’d had so much as a check-up. At 60, Timothy had been an alcoholic for 18 years, with all the physical and mental health issues that go along with addiction.

“I had come to a state of complete and utter brokenness,” Timothy recalls. “I suffered from severe depression.” When he arrived at the Mission, Timothy was also diagnosed with liver failure. He was blind in one eye and required major dental work as well. Thanks to you, he received all the care he needed, including medication that stopped his liver disease.

“I’ve gained 40 pounds since I’ve been here,” Timothy says. “I feel great. The good news is, with the spiritual healing I got here, along with the medical care, I’m a different person.”

Timothy also greatly appreciated being in a secure environment as he recovered. “When you’re out there on the streets, there’s always the fear of what could happen next. I’m getting old, and when I came in here, I immediately felt safe. I was able to sleep, and I can’t tell you how important that is. That’s healing in itself.”

Today, Timothy is also healing his relationships with his family, including his grandchildren. “I can’t force the issue, but I can say, ‘I was wrong. But I’m doing better and I love you.’ Things are opening up. I just want to be a good granddaddy and a good person.”

Healthy, happy and sober, Timothy looks forward to moving into a place of his own. Just one year at UGM-TC has made a dramatic difference in his life. “I didn’t have anything when I came here,” he remembers. “Now I have relationships. I have a church home. I have friends, people who are concerned about me. I’ve learned how to love instead of to take.”

Grateful for all the support you helped provide, Timothy enjoys lending a hand at the Mission. “I’m honored to do anything I can to help, because I believe in this program!”

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