North Texas Giving Day – A Day of Generosity and Celebration

Posted: September 7, 2022

Since 2009, North Texas Giving Day (NTGD) has been an incredible source of support for nonprofits across North Texas. In just 13 years, over $441 million has been raised for over 3,300 local organizations. For us at Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County, NTGD is more than just a day for fundraising. It’s also a day when our community comes together to celebrate all of the amazing things God is doing here on our campus.

2022 has been an exciting year for UGM-TC. With the opening of Club 1401, our on-campus dining hall where we provide food for the unsheltered homeless population, and the announcement of our exciting project, The Community Outreach Center, we can see the continued growth of our organization and understand why the funds raised during NTGD are as important as ever. Since opening Club 1401 in February, we have served over 67,200 meals (an average of 2,100 per week) and have been able to provide a Cooling Station during the intense summer heat. With over 40 days of 100+ degree heat this year, our Cooling Station has been a matter of life and death for those out in the elements.

The Community Outreach Center is another exciting way we are expanding UGM-TC’s reach. This center, which is currently being constructed, will provide a place for our Vocational Training Program, expanded donation and equipment storage, and additional meeting rooms for our teams. It will also make room for 64 additional affordable housing units when we tear down the old warehouse, providing a place of stability for people like our program graduates looking for safe, quality, affordable housing.

These exciting campus additions are just two of the many ways UGM-TC is growing and continuing to reach not just the homeless population but all in our community that need services. Homelessness has always been present in Tarrant County, but the recent strain of the global pandemic and the astronomical jump of inflation in the US has put more men, women, and children in a place of desperation. That’s why the donations raised through NTGD are so important this year. All donations from this year’s campaign will go towards meeting the basic needs of those who come to our organization - from safe shelter to hot meals to hygiene products and beyond. These funds will help combat the growing struggle, and you can be a part of the solution! Join us on North Texas Giving Day, September 22, 2022, to give towards a brighter future or give early at We can’t do this without the generous support of people like you!

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