Renewal Story: Jesus

Posted: June 20, 2022

Lost, hurt and overwhelmed by depression, Jesus thought he had come to the end of his road. His addiction had cost him his marriage and then his home. The only thing he had left to lose was his life. He thoughts about suicide, but instead decided to seek help. From that point on, he says, “My journey began.” It led him to Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County last May.

Jesus arrived with just the clothes on his back… but he also had faith and a deep resolve to make things right in his life.

“I came here and got a sense of direction,” Jesus says gratefully. He joined our Men’s Program, focused on his classes and helped out at the Mission any way he could. He made friends among his fellow residents, staff and volunteers. He started working full-time and bought a car. Today, a proud program graduate, he is living on his own again. 

But Jesus received even more precious gifts from God. “I’ve been in contact with my brothers and sisters,” he says, “and the doors to my children and grandchildren have opened again.”

Jesus also hopes God will open doors to a new career. He would like to become a recovery coach and help others find their way to sobriety and stability. “I’d like to work with young people. Too many kids are running wild. There aren’t many mentors for them,” he tells us. 

Looking back on all he’s been through, both good and bad, Jesus says, “it’s been a wonderful journey. God is directing my path today. I don’t have everything I want, but I’ve been given everything I need. I’ll forever be indebted to the Mission. There’s no other place like this. It’s a place where you can gain confidence, integrity, self-worth and a purpose in life.”

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