Renewal Story: Stacy

Posted: May 19, 2022

Stacy grew up with a twin brother, but the siblings took very different paths in life. “He was a very Christian guy,” she recalls, “but I was not walking in grace.” After her children were grown, Stacy felt she was left with nothing to live for. Rather than look to the Lord for comfort and purpose, she chose drugs.

Life was hard for Stacy. By her own admission, she was too stubborn to ask for help, even when she became homeless. Then her brother became terminally ill. “It made me want to live,” Stacy says. “He passed away in June, and I made up my mind to get sober and get back to who I used to be.”

Stacy came to UGM-TC in October as an overnight guest and joined the Women’s Program a month later. “So many positive things have happened since then,” she says. “God has opened so many doors. I have no doubt that He led me here.”

Since coming to the Mission and taking part in our Skill Building program, Stacy has learned a lot about her capabilities. She had begun drawing during her brother’s illness and hold him she was going to be an artist. Today, she is excited about entering our upcoming art contest! A manicurist for 30 years, Stacy also wants to renew her business and offer pedicures to our homeless neighbors as a ministry.

“I want to get a place to live, to be an adult,” Stacy tells us. “I never made plans before I came here. I was just living day to day. Now I have goals, and I have a team of people working with me.”

Now walking in grace, Stacy says of UGM-TC, “This place is beautiful. God is all over this place. If you get in the door, He will change your life.”

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