Raised with Christ

Posted: April 11, 2022

Easter is a joyous time here at Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County! It’s the season we celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection and His victory over sin and death. Easter is a celebration of the new life we enjoy through Jesus Christ!

 Therefore, Easter is often the season when many churches perform baptisms. This is because baptism itself is the physical sign of this new life enjoyed by all those who turn to Jesus Christ in faith and receive the gift of eternal life in Him. Baptism symbolizes our death to the old self, marked by sin, and being raised to new life in Jesus Christ.

Here at UGM-TC, we are privileged to witness our residents dying to sin and being raised to new life in Jesus Christ. Through our spiritual programs such as Alpha, daily chapel, Community Bible Study and Authentic Manhood, our residents have the opportunity to turn their lives over to God and to experience His forgiveness, healing and restoration.

Consider Jenoy, a former resident. Jenoy struggled with addiction, and it cost him so much: he lost his job and his home. He turned to UGM-TC for help. Here he experienced love, support and encouragement. Jenoy also grew closer to God through the Alpha course. As he rediscovered God’s love, he let go of his anxiety and fear – the things which drove his addiction – and received God’s peace. Today Jenoy is a faithful part of our team, spreading love and peace wherever he goes. The old, addicted Jenoy died, and the new Jenoy has been raised to new life in Jesus Christ! He says, “We’re all looking for peace, and we know that comes from one source: God.”

Then there is Karen, another former resident. Karen looks like a typical grandmother on the outside, but inside Karen hid a lot of pain and guilt. She turned to alcohol to try to numb her pain, but that created more problems. Karen came to UGM-TC for help. Here she experienced the love and compassion she so desperately needed. Karen began to pursue a deeper relationship with God. She learned that God loves her and forgives her. Karen says, “I don’t hate myself anymore. I put the shame and guilt behind me.” Today, Karen is enjoying her sobriety and her renewed relationship with Jesus Christ. The old Karen who was full of shame and guilt has died, and she is now risen to a new life of forgiveness and joy!

That’s what the joy of Easter is all about: a new beginning in Jesus Christ! Your generosity and support makes it all possible. Happy Easter!

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