Renewal Story: Jesus

Posted: March 28, 2022

As he contemplated suicide on a bridge in Galveston, a still, small voice told him to seek help instead. That night, Jesus began a journey that led him from a psychiatric hospital to rehab, and then to Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County.

“I accepted everything the Mission had to offer,” Jesus remembers. “But I also gave back. I started volunteering. There’s nothing we can do to repay the Mission, but if we give ourselves, God will bless us.”

Since arriving at UGM-TC last May, Jesus has received many blessings, including friendships, a sense of direction and a purpose in life. He has a full-time job that enabled him to save money and buy a car. He is on track to move into a place of his own. Best of all, now sober, he has restored his relationships with his family.

But Jesus is not content just to receive blessings. He wants to share them.

While shopping for his sister’s Christmas present, Jesus spotted a plaque featuring Joshua 1:9, his favorite verse: Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. He was inspired to buy the plaque and present it to the Mission in gratitude.

Looking ahead, Jesus wants to help others struggling with addiction by becoming a recovery coach. He would also like to spare young people from going through the hardships he experienced. “Too many kids are running wild,” he says. “There aren’t enough mentors for them.” 

In the meantime, he focuses on being a positive role model for other men at the Mission. He tells them, “There is hope, but you have to want to change. And don’t take for granted what is freely given to you.” 

Jesus wishes for one more blessing. “We have wonderful donors who sow into the Mission. I would like them to see what they’ve reaped. I would like to meet some of them and say, “Thank you!”

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