Club 1401 is Now Open!

Posted: February 1, 2022

We have launched a new program, Club 1401! Club 1401 will focus on innovative ways to reach the unsheltered homeless population. The goal is to build rapport and trust with individuals experiencing homelessness and encourage them to come off the street and join the UGM-TC program. Ultimately ending the cycle of homelessness.

Club 1401 will offer a welcoming environment for those experiencing homelessness to come off the street, enjoy 3 nutritious meals a day, hear a brief devotional, and create trust with staff and volunteers. Club 1401 will offer membership to those who are ready to address some of the contributing factors of homelessness. Club 1401 “members” will also have access to classes and activities, including reading literacy, G.E.D. prep classes, meditation, haircuts, and more. Through these opportunities, Club 1401 will build member’s dignity, respect and self-worth. 

Aretha McJimson, Director of Therapeutic Programs, says she is “excited about being able to connect with unsheltered guests and work alongside them in addressing the many facets experiencing homelessness, being able to provide therapeutic groups and information about UGM-TC for program enrollment.” This is an exciting development for UGM-TC that will benefit both individuals in crisis and the community.

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