Renewal Story: Ian

Posted: January 20, 2022

This time last year, Ian was grateful to say goodbye to 2020. Recently divorced, he had barely had enough money to rent a single room for himself while trying to provide for the infant daughter he had left behind. He knew this arrangement couldn’t last. Considering his options, Ian realized there was only one way forward and it wouldn’t be easy. “I was going to have to go to a shelter”, he says.

An online search brought Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County to Ian’s attention. “I saw what they offered, and I knew they had everything I needed,” he says. “I called and spoke to Miss Juaneta, and that was it!”

With his immediate needs for food and shelter met, Ian was able to make plans to secure his future. The Men’s Program provided a path forward by helping him get a good job and take charge of his finances, while the Alpha class strengthened Ian’s connection with God. 

“Before I came here, I gave my life to Christ,” Ian tells us. “Even though I was going through homelessness, I knew God had a plan for me, to get me more focused on Him. It was necessary.”

Today, Ian works for a local auto parts store and saves as much money as he can. “I want to be self-sufficient and get my own place,” he says. “I’ve started looking for an apartment, and I hope that process goes well.” He plans to stay in the Fort Worth area when he completes the program.

Ian has great hopes that 2022 will be a turning point in his life, one that he will look back on with gratitude. “UGM-TC is a great place if you’re serious about getting your life together,” says Ian. “The staff do a really great job. I have nothing but good things to say.” 

And thanks to you, Ian can hope for “nothing but good things” in the new year!

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