Renewal Story: Faleshea

Posted: October 14, 2021

“God delivered me to Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County. He told me He had a plan for me here in Texas.” That was all it took for Faleshea to leave Minnesota and strike out on a new life.

When she arrived in Fort Worth, she had enough money to live in an extended-stay hotel for a month. But she wasn’t able to find a job that could keep her going as she stepped into the purpose she knew God had for her.

Facing homelessness, Faleshea looked into shelters for women and found UGM-TC. “The door was opened,” she says. “I told them I was ready for my life to be dramatically changed in Christ.”

When she enrolled in the program, Faleshea discovered God’s plan for her life. “At UGM-TC, the Lord delivered me from rejection, abuse, alcohol, all the bondage I’d been through in my life. I got healing from not feeling good enough, not having a voice. God told me I do have a voice!”

Faleshea hopes to use her voice in ministry. “I want to help other ladies follow Christ, to minister to them about the beauty they have, that they are good enough and strong enough. That’s my dream.” She has graduated our program, moved out on her own and been accepted into Bible college!

“I am going to be a pastor someday,” Faleshea says. “I want to be an ambassador for Christ. I minister to people out on the streets. I want to see them come out of bondage and succeed. I want to be there to celebrate their victory.”

Faleshea tells us UGM-TC changed her life, and she hopes other women will come and experience deliverance like she has. “God is here in this place! Whatever you’re struggling with, He will hear you and set you free. If God saw me through, He will see you through. Take the first step at UGM-TC and God will do the rest.”

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