Renewal Story: Jenoy

Posted: July 19, 2021

Jenoy always had a heart for his homeless and addicted neighbors. He too had struggled against addiction and found the help he needed at Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County. Later, working as a certified Peer Recovery Specialist, he often referred clients to UGM-TC, knowing they would be in good hands.

But recently, Jenoy suffered a relapse, losing both his job and his home. He returned to UGM-TC to regain his strength and make another new beginning. 

In addition to an outpatient program for his addiction, Jenoy attends a weekly men’s meeting at the Mission, as well as our Alpha Bible study course. “Alpha has been great! We’re all searching for peace, and we know that comes from one source: God.”

This time around, Jenoy is participating in the Mission’s work extension program. “About three weeks after I came here, I got a job opportunity in the food pantry,” he recalls. “I love it! Part of the work extension program is that I get my own room upstairs.”

Jenoy has also set his own rules to ensure his long-term success this time around. “I’ve learned this time to stay with it. I left too early last time. I know now that UGM-TC has all the resources I need; I just need to let my case manager know exactly what I’m looking for,” he explains.

“I want to establish a foundation so I won’t have to repeat this process,” Jenoy tells us. He is committed to his recovery and optimistic that a miracle is waiting for him. “I want to continue down my career path as a Peer Recovery Support Specialist. That’s my purpose in life, what God has called me to do. It’s amazing when you can identify with somebody. You take them down this path, and you see that light pop on!”

When Jenoy refers his next client to UGM-TC, he has one very important piece of advice, one that he learned the hard way: “Don’t leave before the miracle happens!”

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