Renewal Story: Karen

Posted: June 29, 2021

On the outside, Karen seemed like a typical mother and grandmother. Inside, she hid a lot of pain and guilt. “I wasn’t a nice person,” she admits. “I’ve done some terrible things, and I’ve always had a problem forgiving myself.” Alcohol helped Karen forget about her feelings, but it also led her into more bad behavior. The cycle of guilt went on for years.

Karen was living with her daughter and son-in-law when the couple split up. “That affected me, so I started drinking even more,” Karen says. She finally made the decision to enter a detox facility and from there, came to UGM-TC.

“I’ve been looking for something like this for 30 years,” Karen says. “The staff had so much compassion, and the counseling and classes have helped me so much. Self-Esteem is one of my favorite classes, and Healthy Relationships. Recovery is my real favorite, though. I’ve learned a lot about myself.”

Another thing Karen learned at the Mission was that God has forgiven her. “I don’t hate myself anymore. I think that’s why I’ve come so far. I put the shame and guilt behind me." 

Now, Karen is only looking ahead. She is applying for jobs and hopes to get a car and an apartment in the near future. Most of all, she is enjoying her sobriety and her newfound relationship with Jesus Christ. “I’ve always been a believer, but I ran from God for so long. My spirituality has grown here. I love Alpha; I was ready to receive the message and it’s amazing! Father Andy is great too. I love to hear him preach,” she says.

“The longer I’ve been at UGM-TC, the more I realize this is where I needed to be,” Karen says. “There’s a lot you can learn here. You’re treated with respect. If you want that, it’s right here. I’m very grateful for this place. It saved my life.”

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