Renewal Story: Herbert

Posted: December 15, 2020

Being a single father can be tough in the best circumstances. For Herbert, not being able to provide a home for his three children was a challenge he had never planned for. Still, he did his best to keep them safe, staying with friends and family members while the children finished school.

Be the end of May, Herbert knew he had to improve his family’s situation. “I came to Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County,” he says, “because I knew I could get a better opportunity here.”

While his children enjoyed their summer vacation, Herbert enrolled in our Fathers with Children Program. “I completed a lot of classes,” he says. “Parenting and financial classes, health relationships, coping skills. I liked the parenting classes because they taught me a lot about helping my kids make good choices and building a strong connection with them.”

Herbert also enjoys attending Alpha every week. He tells us he believed in God before arriving at the Mission, but is learning more about Him every day. “I pray more. I call on Him now in both good times and bad.” 

Right now, Herbert looks ahead to more good times with his children: Shaquileia, 11, Herbert Jr., 8, and Lailah, 4. “I should be getting my drivers license and my GED this month,” he says proudly. “I’m trying to get suitable housing for us.” 

One important thing Herbert has learned is there’s more to being a dad than putting a roof over your children’s heads. “I used to think as long as I went to work, provided food and paid the rent, I did my job as a parent. Now, I realize I was missing out on my kids. I spend more time with them, and we’re getting to know each other better.”

This year, Herbert and his children will be celebrating Christmas at the Mission. By next year, they will very likely be in a home of their own!

“UGM-TC is the best place to get your life together, learn new things and get closer to your family,” Herbert says. “I’ve accomplished a lot here. I just wish I had made this choice sooner!”

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