Renewal Story: Lucas

Posted: October 12, 2020

Lucas had been living with and caring for his disabled mother, all while suffering severe back pain and neuropathy himself. When his mother passed away, Lucas’s problems intensified. “Losing my mom was a very traumatic experience,” he remembers. “I got into a downward spiral of depression and anxiety.”

Unable to work or pay his rent, Lucas was evicted from his home last summer. “I had nowhere to go and my family couldn’t help me.” He went to a psychiatric hospital for help and was referred to Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County.

Safe at the Mission, Lucas was able to deal with his physical and emotional issues. “I learned coping skills, anger management and stress reduction. I’ve also been going to therapy sessions, and that has helped a lot.”

 Lucas also found strength and peace by connecting with God at the Mission. “Before I came here, I believed in God, but I didn’t go to church. I got baptized last year at Calvary Cathedral.” Lucas tells us he enjoys attending Alpha and helps Father Andy whenever he can.

With the holidays ahead, Lucas is grateful for a place to stay and for the many friends he has made at UGM-TC. “I’m looking forward to Christmas again. I haven’t celebrated Christmas since I lost my mom. Having Thanksgiving and Christmas with people who care about me is a lot better than being alone!”

Lucas is also looking beyond the holidays, to beginning a new independent life outside the Mission. He would like to launch a career in peer support, helping other people overcome their emotional and mental health issues. “They need someone to talk to who has been through what they’re dealing with. In the meantime, he says, “I want to get myself physically healthy and learn to manage my pain. I want to continue seeing my psychiatrist and get my mental health where it needs to be. And I want to build on my relationship with God.” 

With your prayers and support – and his positive attitude – Lucas will have even more to be thankful for this time next year!

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