Volunteer Spotlight: Bryce

Posted: July 1, 2020

When Bryce’s middle school class simulated a night of homelessness to collect donations for UGM-TC, the issue captured her heart. An avid reader, she appreciated the Mission’s connection to Same Kind of Different as Me. “I knew it was a special place to host a story of that magnitude.”

Bryce saw how one homeless man treasured his three battered paperbacks and began collecting donated books. She approached an architectural firm with the Open Book Project, her vision of providing books to homeless shelters. They created five bookcases, pro bono, for shelters in and around Fort Worth – including UGM-TC.

“Homeless people feel unwelcome in libraries,” Bryce explains. The Open Book Project now includes more than 10,000 books for anyone to borrow. 

Inspired by her project and by UGM-TC, today Bryce is studying psychology and plans to promote mental health advocacy through public policy.

“Books bring seemingly different people together,” Bryce says.

If you would like to make a difference, contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Lezlee Kinney, at (817)339-8402.

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