Renewal Story: Ashley

Posted: October 15, 2019

“Everybody has a story,” Ashley says of the guests at Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County. “A lot of people think when you’re homeless, you’re a drug user. But I was two years clean.”

Ashley had overcome her addiction, but her troubles were far from over. She had escaped an abusive relationship only to find she was unable to support herself… or her two young daughters.

Leaving her daughter with her aunt to finish the school year, Ashley came to UGM-TC. “I needed time to fix myself,” she says. When school let out, Ashley and her daughters moved into the Family Program. “Since I got the girls back, it’s been blessing after blessing!”

Classes for anger management and domestic violence helped Ashley understand the root of her problems and led her to forgiveness. “I was able to talk about it and not be judged,” she says. 

Ashley admits she didn’t have much time for the Lord until she came to the Mission. Now she and her daughters pray and read the Bible together. Her older daughter, Paige, is in UGM-TC’s Good News Club for children. “I love that program because they involve the parents too,” Ashley says.

Both of Ashley’s daughters have made great progress in school since coming to UGM-TC. “Paige’s grades are much better since she’s taking tutoring.” Ashley’s younger daughter, Jaia, is learning to read. 

Once day, the girls may be able to read their mother’s story. “I just got my permanent housing,” Ashley says. “So now I can work on my book, get my story out there and maybe save somebody’s life.” In the meantime, she plans to volunteer as a mentor to young girls at the Mission.

We’re sure Ashley’s story will have a happy ending, thanks to friends like you. “I thank God for this place!”

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