Renewal Story: Darius

Posted: July 29, 2019

Kicked out of his mother’s house while he was still in high school, Darius says he had felt “like an orphan” for the past three years. He spent those years in and out of jail, drifting from friends’ homes to shelters, sometimes staying with his grandmother, sometimes sleeping outside. “I had no one to support me. It was heartbreaking.”

When asked how he managed to survive on his own at such a young age, Darius admits, “I wasn’t shy about asking anybody for anything.” In the hottest days of summer, that included asking for cups of water to stay hydrated. “The heat can get to you. It was hard.” Darius spent as much time as he could in public places to keep cool, sometimes showering at a friend’s house.

This summer, Darius doesn’t have to worry about the extreme heat – or being alone. Several months ago, his grandmother brought him to UGM-TC. As a resident in our Men’s Program, he’s busy learning how to build a new life for himself.

His first goals are to complete his GED and get his driver’s license. After that, he plans to get into trade school and learn to be a truck driver or forklift operator.

More than anything, Darius wants to provide for his two-year-old son. Having lived in a shelter with his mom when he was small, Darius wants to ensure that his son has a stable home life and never feels abandoned.

By next summer, Darius should be well on his way to reaching his goals. Thanks to your support and God’s grace, Darius will break the cycle of homelessness so his son will never have to feel “like an orphan.”

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