Renewal Story: Matthew

Posted: July 1, 2019

Becoming homeless, Matthew says, “is like a boat – once you get that little edge under the water, the rest of it follows real quick.”

The waters began to rise when Matthew’s military career was sidelined by an injury. “I didn’t know what to do with myself,” he admits. He spent several years drifting from one friend or family member to another until he left town to care for his cancer-stricken mother.

When his mother recovered, Matthew found a job and a place to live. He thought he was on solid ground. “Then I was laid off and I just couldn’t find anything fast enough to keep me afloat." 

Matthew had heard about Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County and knew that “this place had all the resources I needed. I’ve been blessed this entire time.” Since coming to UGM-TC, Matthew quit smoking, had surgery that he’d been putting off and found a job he loves. “God did more for me in three months than I’d been able to do in six years,” he says. 

In fact, the greatest thing God did was convince Matthew, an agnostic, that He exists. “I thought chapel was a waste of time,” Matthew admits, “but no matter how hard you fight, God always wins! I’m new in my faith but I’m devoted and I believe firmly.”

Matthew also believes that friends like you brought him safely ashore when he had drifted. “Anything that you give is amazing,” he says. “You can see that there are good things happening here and there are good people.”

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