Renewal Story: Harmon

Posted: May 21, 2019

Devastated by the deaths of three family members within three months, Harmon says, “I just fell off the grid. I lost everything and it just got rougher and rougher. I was sleeping in my car for a year or so.”

Harmon remembers, “One night it was raining and I almost fell and it was really cold. I asked God, ‘Show my the way, help me through this.’ Then somebody told me about UGM-TC. That was from God, it had to be.” 

Since joining the Men’s Program, Harmon has been making his way back onto the grid. “The program gave me time to think, to get off the streets, the alcohol, the drugs and everything. I’ve learned a lot of life skills – how to write a check, fill out applications, write a resume for jobs. My case worker has been a blessing.”

Harmon was also blessed by our Healing Shepherd Clinic, where he was treated for pneumonia and got new glasses. He also looks forward to getting his teeth taken care of. “Now I’m in Good health and I can move up higher and higher.” 

That includes moving out of the Mission and into a place Harmon can call his own. “I’m excited about getting housing,” he tells us. “I’m going to accomplish something. This time I’m going to finish and get what I need because I know it’s going to better my life.”

Harmon hopes that more men will better their lives with help from generous friends like you. “People should get with this program. UGM-TC can’t get any better, because it works! This is a good place and it helps a lot of people.”

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