Volunteer Highlight: Maclaine

Posted: May 16, 2019

Not many teenage boys will get up at 4:15 on a Sunday morning to volunteer at a homeless shelter. But Maclaine’s family has always been service-oriented and her two sons, Carter and Jacob are no exception.

Last summer, mother and sons pledged to offer 100 volunteer hours among themselves. Of the organizations they served, UGM-TC quickly became their favorite. In fact, they surpassed their goal and accumulated over 360 hours of service.

“When the summer ended, we knew we’d have less time for service, but UGM-TC had been written on our hearts and we weren’t willing to give it up,” Maclaine says. “We love the residents, guests and staff. The experience we’ve had has been unique and sacred because of the opportunity we’ve had to bond through our service together.”

If you are willing to help change lives, we would love to have you as a volunteer too – contact our Volunteer Coordinator at (817)338-8402.

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