UGM-TC Celebrates 47 New Beginnings

Posted: January 14, 2019

New beginnings happen all the time at UGM-TC, and our Resident Graduation Ceremony is a great example. This past fall, 47 residents graduated from the UGM-TC program, equipped with the education and tools they need to move into a stable lifestyle.

After Father Stanley Maneikis opened the ceremony with prayer, our Men’s Program Director, Ben Escobal, and our Women and Families Program Director, Aretha McJimson, presented the graduates. Here are a few of the memorable and inspiring things our graduates had to say on their special day:

 “I would tell anyone that if you’re going through hard times, this is the place to be. You can feel God here.”

“I want to thank the staff for always keeping our spirits up. They don’t realize how much they mean to people.”

“I can now say I’m a grateful recovering addict. I’ve had 577 clean days. I got my two boys back. I’m stable, and that is all glory to God.”

“Thank you for allowing me to find hope and stability. I was on a long road to destruction and I needed someone to say, ‘You can make it.’”

“I’m extremely thankful for the environment at UGM-TC because it allowed me to build my spiritual relationship with God which I had let go for so many years.”

“I loved attending Chapel with the many Chapel leaders who I will miss dearly. I loved the Alpha course and one of the things I am grateful for is regaining a close relationship with God.”

“UGM-TC provided a safe place to focus on my healing. They do amazing things here and as everybody says, “God really moves in this place. I feel very blessed to have been in this program.”

In Father Stanley’s closing prayer, he reminded everyone to stay in touch, because we will always be here for anyone who needs a friend. We look forward to seeing all of our graduates succeed!

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