Staff Spotlight: Jacky

Posted: January 9, 2019

“A person can work anywhere and make a living,” says Jacky Harvey, “but it’s very rewarding to come to a place every day where you can make a difference in people’s lives.”

Jacky had already been doing just that as a Senior Pastor of City of Hope Fellowship Church. When he heard about UGM-TC he decided he wanted to get involved here. “I wanted to do something different,” he explains. As Warehouse Manager since 2009, Jacky has continued ministering to people, just in another way. “When residents come in and eat, they fill out a clothing voucher to use at the warehouse,” Jacky says. “We give away a lot of clothes and shoes every day.”

However, Jacky tells us that the real impact comes when residents graduate from the program and move out of the Mission. “They’re trying to get a fresh start and move on with their lives. We help them with furniture, everything they need!” More than that, he says, “We help them to gain self-respect.” 

Jacky oversees all warehouse employees, as well as residents who help out in our Skill Building program, sorting clothes and picking up donations. “I can relate to them because I’ve been where they’re at,” he admits. Every encounter is an opportunity for ministry. “A lot of times, peoples lives are hanging in the balance, and nothing that you do for them is small.”

One of the best parts of Jacky’s job is when residents come back to the warehouse to say hello. “They’re married, they have jobs, they’ve moved on with their lives. They say, ‘Hey thank you for helping us.’ But we’re just doing what we do, hoping that it’ll make a difference.”

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