Renewal Story: Joshua

Posted: December 12, 2018

There are a few things that set Joshua apart from most of the residents in our Men’s Program. He’s young – just 30 years old. He was already two years sober when he arrived. And he was brought to the Mission by his mother. However, he shares their drive to succeed and live an independent life. 

Unable to hold down a job, Joshua says he “bounced around from my friend’s house, to my mom’s house, to my sister’s house. I wasn’t dong the things a normal adult should want to do.” Once he came to UGM-TC and joined the program, Joshua found the direction and support he needed to start taking responsibility for himself.

Joshua hasn’t been at the Mission very long, but he already feels “a lot better inside. I try not to walk around with a negative attitude anymore and to think of positive things.”

Joshua tells us that the Jump Start Program was especially helpful. “It gets you back to where you need to be. It gives you the motivation to want to work for something.” He is already looking for a job and housing and hopes to have something lined up soon. 

“I love this program and I love what the Mission is doing to help people,” Joshua says. “Before I came here, I never prayed, but it’s been awesome. I would have never thought I would be this accepting of a Christian-based community, but it’s been an amazing ride. I wouldn’t change it for anything.”

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