Staff Spotlight: Lori

Posted: November 27, 2018

Part-time registered nurse Lori Purgett is deeply thankful for her job at UGM-TC’s Healing Shepherd Clinic. “I can’t imagine doing anything else,” she says. Lori discovered her calling for ministering to homeless people in her previous job at a Dallas County Hospital. “I feel like they’re underserved. At the Healing Shepherd Clinic we strive to treat people with respect and dignity and help improve their quality of life. It’s very rewarding.”

Lori is one of two part-time RNs at the clinic, which also has a part time nurse practitioner, an administrative assistant and a number of doctors who volunteer their time. The clinic provides free health care exclusively for adults staying at the Mission – an average of 100 patients a week, Lori estimates. 

The two most common ailments among UGM-TC residents, according to Lori, are high blood pressure and diabetes. “Some people here have had no health care for decades,” she tells us. Patients are encouraged to take responsibility for their conditions and given support as needed. “Some people are on over 20 medications a day, and I help them fill their pill box every week.”

The best part of working at Healing Shepherd Clinic, Lori says, is being connected to the Mission’s ministry. “It’s nice to be able to tell a patient that you’re praying for them.” She tells us that patients are grateful for the compassion they’re shown, even writing thank you notes. “I feel like we’ve formed a nice relationship with our patients. They know we genuinely care about them.”

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