Renewal Story: Bobbi

Posted: July 2, 2018

"Last summer, I was in a really big depression," Bobbi recalls. "Everything was just falling apart." Suddenly homeless, she wondered, "What's the point in trying?" But there was a point: her seven-year-old son.

UGM-TC's Family Program gave Bobbi and her son encouragement and resources they needed to start fresh. "I've got a much better perspective on life," she says. "The Mission has changed who I am."

Looking back on the death of her mother 11 years ago, Bobbi tells us, "It completely pushed away the possibility that God was there. Then I came to the Mission and I went to the Alpha course. The moment I got in there, it felt like home. I discovered that God is on my side. Now, every night before I go to sleep I say a prayer for me and my son. I'm just so blessed."

Your gifts also made a tremendous difference to Bobbi's son. "He's made quite a few friends. He loves going to Good News Club," Bobbie tells us referring to a children's Bible study led by community members who teach Bible stories and lessons, songs and Scripture memory. "And he's doing great in school. The tutoring program has really helped him." Since he has been at UGM-TC, the second grader has gone from a kindergarten reading level to a third grade level. "He has stacks of books that he loves to read!" she says proudly. 

Thanks to your prayers and support, Bobbi is excited about her future. "I'm about to start a program that will help me find an actual career, not just a job," Bobbi says. "I can finally be happy, and it's all because of the Mission. To the folks who give to UGM-TC, no matter how small, no matter how big, you are touching somebody's life." 

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