Renewal Story: Zoe

Posted: June 19, 2018

Thirty years of experience in education hadn’t prepared Zoe for the prospect of homelessness. When her last job ended, she had nowhere to go and was thankful when a friend took her in. However, when her friend’s daughter returned home, Zoe was again looking at life on the streets.

“Thinking about a homeless shelter was a little bit much for me,” Zoe admits. “I had seen the Mission, but it wasn’t until I started reading about it that I got more comfortable with it.” To her surprise, her first night at UGM-TC put her completely at ease. “I slept really well. I felt safe.”

After joining our Women’s Program, Zoe discovered that she still loved to learn, especially about her faith. “I’ve always had a good connection with God, but my roommate and I do Bible study with each other every night. It feels good.”

Zoe also learned about the benefits of living in community. “All these ladies have wonderful personalities,” she tells us. “Everybody has a story. Even though we come from all walks of life, all cultures, all backgrounds, we still have that commonality there and respect each other for that.”

With the help of her new friends at UGM-TC, Zoe began making plans for a new life, which will eventually lead her back to her family. “Right now, I’m looking for work,” she says. “I have a resume already. I just need help with the resources for finding the work that’s out there.” Thank to you, Zoe will have all the support she needs now and through her first year on her new job.

“I did a lot of praying before I came to the Mission and this is where God led me,” Zoe says. “I thank you for caring and I appreciate it!”

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