Renewal Story: Joshua

Posted: June 4, 2018

Sometimes our guests are referred to UGM-TC by social workers or through the courts. Some are brought to use by family members or friends. But Joshua believes “divine intervention” led him to our door.

Joshua never thought he would need the services of a homeless shelter. “I never had a drug addiction or an alcohol problem,” he says. He had always worked hard and supported his family until his children were on their own. But when his last job came to an end and his savings ran out, he had little choice in the matter.

“I literally just stumbled upon UGM-TC,” Joshua remembers. “I was supposed to go to a place in Arlington and Google Maps brought me here.” He was grateful for a place to stay, but even more so for “somewhere to start over, get a foothold and build my life again.”

Joshua says his life had always been grounded in Scripture, but that our Men’s Program gave him the opportunity to go deeper into God’s word. “Every morning before my feet his the floor, I read Scripture. I like to read a Proverb a day and then meditate on it.” He tells us that the Personal Social Adjustment skill-building program and Alpha, our Bible-based course, have made the most impact on him.

“Alpha is life-changing,” Joshua says. “It slows me down and teaches me more intimately about Scripture then I ever thought possible. Our Alpha group is more like a family. There’s so much interaction.”

Today, Joshua is interviewing for jobs and looks forward to being in a place of his own again. As an Army an Army Reserve veteran, he is also eligible for benefits, which the Mission has helped him to access. “Your giving means a lot more than you’ll ever know!” he tells you.

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