Renewal Story: Kenetra

Posted: April 23, 2018

Three simple words sum up Kenetra’s life before she arrived at Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County: “I was lost.” 

A single mother of three, Kenetra had struggled to stay on top of paying rent and other expenses. “It was hard to stay stable,” she remembers. “I went through a tough time and I had to live house to house with different people.” When a living arrangement with her cousin fell through, Kenetra and her daughters came to UGM-TC. 

“It’s been wonderful,” Kenetra enthuses. “UGM-TC game me a good, positive outlook.” Family counseling offered by partnering organizations strengthened the bond between Kenetra and her girls, ages 16, 10 and 9. “I didn’t havhe an open relationship with my oldest daughter,” she says. “We had family therapy this morning and it went really well!” Through parenting classes at the Mission, Kenetra has also learned how to connect with her middle daughter, who has ADHD. “I understand her more and I just go with the flow.” 

Attending chapel has made a positive impact on the family. “Before I came here, I’d forget to pray,” Kenetra admits. Now she and her girls read Scripture and pray every night. “I see that I’m growing and that God is working with me. I know the Lord is going to set me in the right place with my kids.” 

Kenetra has already found a job and is learning to manage her finances. “I want to put some money aside so when I do come up for my housing, I can have stability. I’ll have money to buy household supplies or furniture.”

In the meantime, Kenetra appreciates everything you and other friends do for UGM-TC. “Without you,” she says, “I would be out on the streets with three kids.” Looking ahead to when she’s settled, Kenetra hopes to follow your example and give back to the Mission herself. 

Thank you for helping Kenetra and her girls find their way home!

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