Renewal Story: Bradley

Posted: March 13, 2018

"It's amazing what happens when you do the right thing." For Bradley, the right thing was coming to Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County. 

A painful divorce left Bradley suffering from depression and addiction. In the following years, he was in and out of mental hospitals and homeless much of the time. "My family told me they didn't want me around until I got clean," he says. 

After a suicide attempt, Bradley was referred to UGM-TC by a case manager who had worked at the Mission and drove to Fort Worth in "what little was left of my car." 

Bradley joined our Men's Program and discovered that "the structure here is really good. I see a counselor every week. I see my psychiatrist and I'm on medication." He also attends Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings. 

Even more, Bradley credits the Lord with helping him find his way back. He had grown up in the church, but drifted away as a college student. "Then when you get into drugs, you hate God because you blame Him for everything. Getting in touch with God was the best thing about coming here."

Today, Bradley has a steady job and looks forwaard to getting his own place. He sees his family every weekend, including his three-year-old son. "I tell everybody here when they're new that if you do what they tell you and put in your work, you can change your life around." 

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