Renewal Story: Blue

Posted: March 5, 2018

To look at Blue - the joy on his face, the light in his eyes - you'd never know that he had spent 50 years deep in drug addiction, alcoholism and incarceration. Amazingly, it took that long for him to cry out for help.

"I was underneath a bridge and I just looked up to the heavens and said "God, I can't do this anymore,' And people came into my life, I call them my little angels. They pointed me in the right direction - to UGM-TC." 

Here, starting with a hot meal, you picked up where Blue's "little angels" left off and helped to provide the compassionate care that saved his life. Blue's time at UGM-TC was an education, a crash course in hope. "I learned how to care," he says. "I learned that God is a loving God and that I am worthy. I am loved."

May God bless you this Easter season and always for being "a little angel" to our guests at UGM-TC. 

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