Meet Silvana, One of our Case Managers

Posted: January 29, 2018

As a case manager in UGM-TC’s Men’s Program, Silvana says, “The work is overwhelming, but at the end of the day it’s always worth it. I love seeing the clients succeed.”

Silvana and our other case managers help to ensure success by providing everything a client needs to get back on their feet. “The first thing we do is get their IDs in order,” Silvana explains. “Then we’ll talk about what they want to accomplish here." 

Ultimately, the goal is to get every client ready to re-enter the workforce. Working with a client on his resume helps Silvana learn about his background and work ethic. She also conducts mock interviews and assists them with lining up references.

Community partnerships are vital to preparing clients for employment. The Visions program through Tarrant County Community College covers a wide ranger of trades. “They help our clients ease back into school. They provide all the supplies,” Silvana tells us.

Culinary-minded clients have options as well. “There’s an intense 14-week program we refer clients to through the Tarrant Area Food Bank. It’s called Community Kitchen. They work with chefs in a real kitchen and cook fancy things I can’t even pronounce!” The program includes a restaurant internship which can lead to a full-time position.

Silvana thanks you for your support, which provides for all of our clients’ needs. “Your donations allow us to do everything we’re doing here,” she says. “Our clients may be experiencing homelessness, but they are blessed by your generosity.”

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