Renewal Story: Marcus & Ashley

Posted: December 5, 2017

Marcus and Ashley started their life together with hopes and dreams that seemed to come true pretty quickly: a business, a house, and two beautiful daughters. But just as quickly, their dreams gave way to harsh reality. After the sudden death of Marcus' business partner, Marcus lost the business, his house, his driver's license and finally, his car. 

The family of four - soon to be five - moved into a motel, where they lived for two years until their money ran out. "It's hard to humble yourself to ask for help," Ashley admits. But with her family facing life on the streets, there was no choice but to call UGM-TC. 

When the family arrived at the Mission, Ashley cried. "This is really what we have to do to move forward?" she asked herself. But once they had their orientation, she thought, "Everything is going to be fine. This is really a great place."

The family was assigned a room in UGM-TC's new Scott Walker Women and Families Services Building, the only facility in the Fort Worth area that allows intact families to stay together. Marcus and Ashley took parenting classes and got involved with Alpha. After earning her GED, Ashley joined Marcus in taking college courses. 

The children also thrived. "They love it here," Ashley says. "Their favorite part of every day is the tutoring after school, and they love the birthday parties every month. There's always something for them to be a part of."

Marcus jokes that UGM-TC is "the grandparents I never had. When you walk in the door, they put clothes on you and feed you and they spoil you a little bit at first. But once you get into the saddle, you've got to steer."

This year's holiday celebrations will be very special, as the family recently moved in a place of their own. Looking ahead, Marcus and Ashley plan to continue their college education and start another business someday. "I just feel like we have a bright future now, a lot of opportunities," Ashley tells us. "I really don't know how to express how thankful we are for UGM-TC," Marcus says. "It's been great for us!"

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning. - James 1:17

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