UGM-TC Gives Thanks For You

Posted: November 24, 2017

What comes to mind when you think of Thanksgiving? Is it a plate filled with turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes and pie? Is it your family gathered together to give thanks? Maybe it’s a parade or football game. Unfortunately, for some, those things might not come to mind. The holidays can be a hard time for many of our neighbors in need, but this year at UGM-TC we provided them with a warm meal, love and, most importantly, hope.

We touched hundreds of lives with meals provided in our dining hall this thanksgiving. During the two-day Thanksgiving celebration we served turkey, dressing and all the essentials for a traditional Thanksgiving meal. We also hosted a special luncheon last Saturday where we invited our former residents back. We had 20 attend! We always love getting to see how they’re doing. It’s a great opportunity to assist them beyond their time in recovery as a resident.

Thank you for your generosity and continued support and prayers this Thanksgiving!


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