Transformation Story: Henry

Posted: September 14, 2017

Seeing him organize the donation warehouse as a volunteer, you’d never guess that less than a year ago Henry himself called UGM-TC home.

Getting caught up in drugs and alcohol caused Henry to put everything else in life on hold. “I quit school. I was so emotionally distraught and I didn’t know where to go. I knew I feared for my life, so I fled Dallas and left walking,” he tells us. “There were nights when I slept on the streets, in bushes, and even in an outhouse one night. It was a very trying time,” Henry remembers. Finding himself in the midst of trials and tribulations, Henry decided he had to get himself right “with the most High” if he wanted things to change. That is when he discovered UGM-TC where he could focus on getting his life back on track.

During his stay Henry found Celebrate Recovery, Relapse Prevention, and any other biblical based course to be very inspirational. “They made me open my mind and stretched me. I always say it has to be a want and a given desire within the individual to want to change,” he recalls.

Recently, Henry was able to go back to school to finish his associate degree and since then has been accepted into the University of Texas at Arlington for his BSW. He cheerfully tells us he is always getting invitations to join honor societies, but “he has to give all the praise to God”.

Now, thanks to the prayers and support of friends like you, Henry is a UGM-TC graduate with hopes of one day having a Masters in social work. “I want to be a social work activist. To be a voice for the people that can’t speak for themselves,” Henry enthusiastically explains.

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