Renewal Story: Shari

Posted: September 12, 2017

Shari came to our doors last November, a time when most of us look forward to celebrating with lots of food and family. However, Shari couldn’t see much to be thankful for. 

After 27 years, Shari’s second marriage had ended in divorce and she found herself cut adrift and severely depressed. A mother and a grandmother, Shari says, “I’ve always been a caretaker, and I just didn’t know how to live on my own.”

Not wanting to be a burden on her children, Shari turned to Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County for help with her depression and to get her life back on track.

Thanks to friends like you, Shari has received treatment for her depression and renewed her relationship with the Lord “UGM-TC has given me confidence,” Shari says. “I’m not going back, I’m moving on!”

Since coming to UGM-TC, Shari has spent time working in group homes for women and children and would like to enter the healthcare field. “I get a kick out of making people happy,” she says. As for what makes Shari happy, she looks forward to having a place of her own where she can spend time with her granddaughter. “I know I have a future!”

“UGM-TC is wonderful!” Shari says. “I’ve made some pretty good friends here.” 

Will you help people like Shari continue to have a place to go to get their lives back on track by scheduling your North Texas Giving Day gift today? All donations scheduled from now until September 13th or made between 6am and midnight on September 14th, will qualify for bonus funds. Schedule your donation now. 

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