Renewal Story: Sheryl

Posted: September 10, 2017

A life-long drinker, Sheryl eventually turned to drugs and gangs. The lifestyle made her abusive and violent and landed her in jail several times. “Nobody wanted to be around me,” she recalls. “Drinking made me homeless.” 

Sheryl tried several times to break free of her addictions with no success. When she came to UGM-TC, she saw it as her last chance… and she grabbed ahold of it.

“When I was using drugs, I thought I was God and I was untouchable,” Sheryl admits. Since joining the Women’s program, Sheryl’s relationship with the Lord has completely changed. “I talk to Him all day,” she says. She has also joined a church and been baptized.

“I love everything about this place,” Sheryl says with a smile. “Being at UGM-TC is making me get in touch with my thoughts and feelings. I want to be a better person. I think God will keep working with me.”

Today, Sheryl hopes to volunteer at a local nursing home and eventually find work in that field. She is taking care of her health by losing weight. Most of all, she is trying to reconnect with her grown children and grandchildren and regain custody of her youngest son.

“Your life will change if you believe in yourself, and God,” she says.

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