Renewal Story: Ireland

Posted: September 8, 2017

One bad decision after another left Ireland Kay homeless for a year. When she woke up on someone’s couch and found drugs all over the coffee table and her roommates passed out, she knew it was time to find a safe, healthy place to live. “I just heard God say, ‘Get out, there’s a way, get out.’” Before she left for the Mission, Ireland Kay gathered all the groceries she had bought with her food stamps the day before and gave them to a young mother with three children across the hall. Her small act of kindness would be rewarded many times over.

 “I had no idea what was behind the doors (of the Mission) – if it was just a shower, a bed and a meal, and then I’m back out on my own,” Ireland Kay remembers wondering, with a bit of fear. However, she was welcomed into a secure, nurturing environment where she received long-overdue care for a number of serious health issues. She renewed her friendship with Jesus Christ through chapel services, Bible study and ALPHA classes.

 Ireland Kay also recently started college – at 64! “I look forward to having my own place,” she says. “I can cope out there.” Ireland Kay discovered the power of hope. “You’ve got to want better and more for yourself,” she’s learning. “When you start thinking that way, doors open up and God gives you blessings, one after another.”

As a friend to Ireland Kay and everyone at UGM-TC, you’re one of those blessings!

UPDATE (7/7/2018): Ireland Kay recently graduated from UGM-TC program and moved out to a place of her own. She is thankful for her time at UGM-TC and is looking to a bright future with many new opportunities. 

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