Renewal Story: Chris

Posted: January 16, 2017

Where do you go when you've got nowhere else to go?

After 15 years away from Fort Worth to care for his ailing father, Chris had come back only to find that the city had changed and the opportunities he had counted on were gone. Chris' money ran out before he was able to find a job and he ended up asking a bus driver where he could find help.

The bus driver told Chris about UGM-TC. Chris arrived at the Mission on a weekend and he joined the program on Monday. Although he suggers from severe rheumatoid arthritis, he makes an effort to stay as active as possible. In addition to taking classes, he is working on getting his disability so he can get his own place.

Disagreements over land ownership have torn Chris' family apart. "We haven't talked in probably 20 years." However, Chris has found another family here at UGM-TC. "It's not just a bunch of strangers under one roof," he tells us. "Everybody sticks together."

During his stay at the Mission, Chris has also rekindled the faith of his childhood. "God watches over me just like He does everybody else. He loves each and all of us but a lot of people don't care and that's sad."

It's a blessing that people like you do care and that you translate your faith into action. "Not many people can picture how it would be to be homeless because nobody knows," Chris says. "You don't know if somebody is going to walk up and stab you or shoot you. I never knew what it was like and I couldn't explain how it feels. All i know is before I came here I looked over my shoulder the whole time."

Thanks to friends like you, Chris no longer looks over his shoulder, but straight ahead toward a new life!

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