Renewal Story: Jonathan

Posted: May 16, 2017

Going away to college earned Jonathan a master’s degree in psychology. It also saddled him with an alcohol addiction that eventually cost him his family, his home and his freedom.

After serving two years in prison, Jonathan pursued a job opportunity in Dallas that came to nothing and left him with nowhere to go. He remembered driving by UGM-TC countless times in his more successful days when he thought of it as a place for “those other guys”. Now in need himself, his perception quickly changed.

The biggest surprise for Jonathan was discovering that UGM-TC was “an oasis in a world of hurting. When you’re in jail, you find out real quick that you’re not special. But then you come to UGM-TC and everyone’s smiling at you. You’d be surprised how much that means!”

Jonathan also learned, “If you have goals, this is the best place to be because the resources are here.” Today, Jonathan’s faith is strong, he has reconciled with his brother and he is making his way back to a career in life coaching. “I already have a client I’m working with and I have a couple of speaking engagements coming up,” he says proudly. “I’m slowly but surely getting back on my feet!"

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