Meet the Social Work Interns: Kristal

Posted: January 27, 2016

Name: Kristal

Institution: Tarleton State University

Major: Social Work

Class: Undergraduate, 2016


Why did you choose to intern at UGM-TC?

“Ms. Delay, [UGM-TC’s Clinical Director of Programs], was my professor for a Human Behavior course and I also had an interest in the population.”

What are your career plans?

“I haven’t decided…I’m actually looking into possibly staying here. I’ll probably apply for a position here.”

What do you like most about your internship?

“The interaction with the clients. I have more interaction this semester. I bring the clients in, do a biopshycosocial assessment on them. This week, I’ll begin having my own clients. I’ll have a caseload of four clients. So, my favorite part is the interaction…helping, setting goals.”

What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned during your time here?

“That this population is often forgotten, that we see it on TV and we think they’re homeless, they’re on the corner but nothing beyond that. This population is pretty much forgotten and they need resources, especially our veterans – that’s another forgotten population. But anyway, we see it on TV and the entire population has a stigma of just being on the corner with a cup…some of these people have college educations and just hit a rough patch in life. All they need is a little bit of assistance to get back on track.”

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