Renewal Story: Victoria

Posted: February 9, 2016

Victoria had been homeless before, living out of bags and sleeping from couch to couch among friends and acquaintances. It was a scary experience, but couldn’t compare to now being homeless with a newborn son whose father was in prison.

Child Protective Services was going to take Victoria’s baby away if she didn’t find a place to live. That’s when she and her son David found UGM-TC. Victoria had never been to a shelter before, thinking they were just places to go after a natural disaster.

“UGM-TC was not what I expected, in the best possible way,” she says. “I didn’t realize all of the resources offered here.”

Victoria’s struggle with drugs had cost her custody of her first child and caused friction within her family. Now, with a strong support system, skill building and spiritual development, she began to create a stable life for herself and David.

When David’s father, Gus, was released from prison, he came to UGM-TC and joined the men’s program. The family was reunited, although they couldn’t share a living space. Victoria admits that being able to live together would have made it easier to coordinate errands or take care of David when he wakes in the night.

However, without UGM-TC, they say, they wouldn’t be together at all and they wouldn’t have David with them.

Victoria especially enjoys family movie nights when, she says, “I get to have quality time with my family, and that’s priceless.”

Victoria and Gus have found peace and a stronger relationship through the spiritual development program, especially ALPHA. Gus says, “ALPHA serves as a reminder for me after a long week that the Lord is still in control.”

Today, Gus plans to take a forklift certification course as well as a welding class, and Victoria has nearly completed her education to be a Certified Nursing Assistant. Most excitingly, Victoria has regained custody of her firstborn child and all our are looking forward to settling into their own home soon.

“UGM-TC gave me my zest for life back. I feel like I can do anything,” Victoria says. “I feel unstoppable!”

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