Renewal Story: Garrison

Posted: March 30, 2017

If you know our ministry well, you expect to find lots of single mothers at UGM-TC. But there are actually several single dads here as well. Garrison, however, is our first and only single dad with twin boys!

Garrison came to the Mission to keep his infant twins out of foster care. “Child Protective Services referred me,” he explains. “As long as I had the help and the resources needed, I was willing to come here. I’ve been her since September trying to get back on my feet so that I can take care of my kids on my own.”

In the meantime, Garrison says the babies are “a breath of fresh air. I’m loving every minute of being a first-time father.” Parenting classes help Garrison learn the basics of child care and prepare him for challenges that lie ahead.

While he attends classes and goes on job interviews, Garrison’s sons are in day care. But he also has a strong network of family support that will be there when he is on his own: “I have my mom and my sisters and aunties and everything. They’re helping me as much as they can.”

Garrison’s mother will also help to keep God in the boy’s lives. “My mom made sure we put God first,” Garrison tells us. “Still to this day, she calls me and tells me to keep God first in everything that I do and make sure I keep a steady mind frame.”

Thanks to prayers from friends like you, Garrison and his boys look forward to a stable life filled with family and faith.

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