Renewal Story: Linda

Posted: April 7, 2017

For most parents, it’s a bittersweet day when their children start to live independent lives. But when Linda’s son and daughter reached adulthood, she experienced only the “sweet.” “I heard them making plans that didn’t include me. I felt like my life was coming to an end and I had no more usefulness on this earth.”

After 30 years of sobriety, Linda turned back to alcohol for comfort but found that it only took her to a very dark place. “I didn’t want to live anymore. That’s the dark side of depression. You don’t see it coming,” she says with a tear.

Another thing Linda didn’t see coming was being turned out by her own children. Suddenly homeless, she slept in her car and sometimes in the lobbies of buildings, until she found her way to UGM-TC for breakfast one morning.

“This is a safe place for me,” Linda says. “UGM-TC offers me a place to stay grounded and follow the plans that God has for me. I have a place to pray, to work on my depression, to create new good habits and to be restored to the way I was before this dark cloud came over my life.”

That’s not all God has restored to Linda. “My daughter called me the day before Thanksgiving, sobbing and asking me to forgive her, saying that she loved me and missed me and she wanted Mama back.” Since then, Linda has reconciled with her son as well and the family plans to spend Easter together in a few weeks.

“I’m confident that I’m where God wants me to be,” Linda adds. “I’m happy again. Even though it’s cloudy outside, inside it’s just sunshine, happiness and hope.” Linda looks forward to visiting with her children – and her 3-year-old grandchild – in a home of her own. She plans to go back to school, continue her therapy and volunteer at UGM-TC.

“I’m glad that I found my way here,” Linda tells us. “I’m working at being a better human being and I’m grateful for this opportunity. It can only get greater from here!”

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