Renewal Story: Tamia

Posted: May 16, 2016

“I recently lost my job and my apartment so I had to start all over,” says Tamia.

That’s a hard enough prospect for anyone, but even more so for a single mother with four young children. After a brief stay with her sister, during which the family had to sleep on the floor, Tamia came to UGM-TC to get back on her feet.

“I don’t want to get too comfortable, but it’s like a home away from home,” Tamia says. “The classes help me understand how to communicate with my children and establish a better relationship with them.” Tamia’s children also benefit from the individual tutoring that helps them with their schoolwork.

“Everything I do is for my kids. The reason I’m here is for them.” Tamia sees that she has become more productive during her stay at UGM-TC, as well as more supportive of her children and mindful of what they’re going through.

Looking ahead, Tamia describes her long-term goals. “I want an established home. And I want to focus on being a good mother to my children, so they grow up with full, healthy, happy lives.”

With your prayers and support, the future for Tamia and her children – and for all of the families at UGM-TC – looks very bright!

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