Renewal Story: Shirley

Posted: October 5, 2016

Shirley, a Fort Worth native, was left with nothing after a big mistake put her in jail. Before coming to the Mission Shirley had never experienced a shelter, but quickly learned that anybody can fall “even school teachers and executives”.

Shirley has now been at the Mission for four months “progressing and trying to grab ahold of everything [she] can use to put in her heart and mind”. Having been close to God her whole life, she believes the spiritual classes UGM-TC offers have been the most valuable. Working on patience, control, forgiveness, and determination, she says she is learning a great deal here and wants to continue to grow to get out and accomplish things.

One of her goals is to get a part-time job and go to college for business. Without UGM-TC Shirley is unsure of where she would be, but she does know for sure that “it is a blessing to have come here”.

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